Learn You Some Raspberry Pi For Great Good!

GPIO programming, Software Development, and Software Deployment on Raspberry Pis


I’ve been architecting, designing and implementing distributed applications since 1991, initially client-server applications written in C++ and Java deployed to UNIX/LINUX platforms. Beginning in 2011 I began working with highly-scaleable/highly-available microservice applications using Java, Erlang, and since 2015, Go. My current interests are in the areas of highly scalable/highly available distributed applications, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud architectures, and using Raspberry Pi clusters as a home lab. My blog reflects these interests1.

I live in Colorado with my wife and family. We all enjoy the outdoors and being in the mountains. I’m an avid skier, cyclist, and hiker. I especially enjoy mountain biking and long distance road cycling.

  1. I also enjoy grilling and smoking on a Weber Kettle. I write the occasional article on this topic as well. ↩︎